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Content Creation

Understanding Content Creation
Why Content Creation is essential for Business
Entertain, Educate
and Sell

Understanding Content Creation comes down to Entertain, Educate, and Sell or what we like to say is offer. When a business has an audience, or followers, on their Social Media Platforms it's important that they begin to establish them selves as figures of authority in their industry. The way this is done is through well structured and strategic Content Creation. Don't get it twisted this is still Marketing but in its Evolved form as the goal is to drive this online traffic into a sell. However before any large scale sells can take place businesses must provide value to their followers. Content that is distributed on these Social Media Platforms must be educational, teaching followers something that they didn't know pertaining to that industry. Entertaining is equally important as these followers are usually following many different businesses and perhaps even the competitor, so you must entertain in-order to grab your followers attention. Once those two factors have been put into place that's when the magic can happen, as you begin to make well placed offers the followers are much more receptive because you have provided value and established authority through educating them.